Dec 31, 2016

My year of life experiments



Is anybody out there?... And if so, how have you been?

It's been such a long time and so much has happened in the last years... I've been wanting to return to this blog, but life and its busyness (and yes, procrastination...) have kept me away. Today I finally decided to break the silence mainly because I'm going to conduct some (very simple) life experiments about which I'll be journaling in another blog ('My year of life experiments'). If you wish, come and join me there.

Meanwhile, I cannot leave without some life updates (for now, I'll focus on the positive ones)... Here they are:

- I've FINALLY finished my PhD this last June... Oh my, what a ride...

- I did need some help to finish this massive task - I was prescribed ADHD medication, which worked wonders (I would really like to share this story later).

- After finishing the PhD I started working on a research job at a different University.

- And now I'm living with B.!

- My cat Fiona stayed in my parents house, because she's a cat used to having a lot of space outdoors and I'm now living in a rented apartment... So I adopted a lovely kitten - Mia, now almost 5 months old - who is taking a nap in my lap at this exact moment.

- I still struggle with anxiety and depression, but I can honestly say that I'm better and definitely more capable of dealing and living with these two silly monsters.

- I'm still reading the blogs that I used too - but I've been a silent reader...

I'll be focusing my attention on the other blog, but I would still like to revive this blog in the near future. I'll let you know when I'm ready to commit to regular posting.