Aug 30, 2012


(Albergaria forest, Gerês, Portugal)

I felt very inspired to start my own blog after reading this post, at 'Becoming Minimalist'.

I must confess that I was quite impulsive when I decided to write this first post, and so I’m still not very clear about the orientation I will give to my ‘newborn-blog’.

I guess I’ll start with a small presentation:

- I’m a 28 years old Portuguese woman, living in Portugal, and you can call me Mopsa.

- Lately I’ve been very inspired by the simplicity/minimalism life ‘philosophy’, and I’ve been attentively following some wonderful blogs on the subject (as the one I indicated above), which I’ll certainly refer to in future posts.

- Paradoxically, my current situation is not very inspiring… I’m trying to finish my engineering PhD, without a scholarship (my scholarship ended last year) and, due to this not very inspiring situation, I’m back living with my parents… Oddly enough, I intend to change my career path afterwards, because engineering has been a sad mistake.

- I’ll try to be as honest as possible, so I’ll just say it – I’m (moderately) depressed, which does not help in speeding up the ‘finishing-the-PhD’ process.

- I love sewing, as a hobby, and I have a very small shop at Etsy, which I’ll probably introduce later.

So maybe I would like this blog to have a certain therapeutic function, grounded in the principles of simplicity and honesty. And I would love if this sharing might have just a tiny positive effect in anyone who, by chance, happens to read some of my words :)


  1. Hi Mopsa,

    I also want to start a (another) blog, sharing experiences/strategies to get through depression. I already have a blog sharing everything creative that I do. I love your idea, I believe writing is very therapeutic.

    Thank you for pointing to the article at becoming minimalist, I'm also moving towards a simpler lifestyle, and love reading his blog, and be more with less. I just hadn't found that particular article.

    I'm now following your blog :)

    1. Hi Linda,

      Writing can indeed be very therapeutic. Lately I’ve been feeling that I have many things locked inside, which I really need to express, and this can be a great vehicle for that.

      And regarding your desire to start another blog to share experiences and strategies, all I can say is ‘Go for it!’ My brief experience with this blog is already a very good one :)

      Thank you so much for your comments :) They mean a lot to me, especially because I’m just giving my first steps in the blogosphere, and as with all first steps, I still feel a bit awkward. And I’ll also be following your (lovely) blog, which I’ve just visited. I really enjoy the way you express yourself :)

  2. Hello Mopsa,

    Congratulations for your blog. is very well written and inspirational photos.
    Continue on with the blog, you are on the right track. It's a fight between emotions, philosophies, states of mind, self-help and basil .... and I like =)

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! :)