Sep 8, 2012

Brainstorming part-time work ideas

As promised here I am to report my progress on objective no. 1 :)
So... What did I accomplish?
- I began with a brainstorm which I'm (partially) pasting here:
Alternative 1: part-time work, from home
1 - Etsy shop
How: adding more items, and investing more time creating and divulgating the shop;
Advantages: this is work I love;
Disadvantages: from my experience, it’s hard to generate a reasonable and regular income with this work.
2 - Blogging/writing
How: applying to the countless blogging/writing job ads that can be found throughout the internet;
Advantages: I love writing!
Disadvantages: English is not my native tongue, and this (highly) reduces my odds of being picked for this kind of job; all my currently published material is scientific and technical, and so I almost don’t have other kind of written material to show off  (Note: Portuguese job ads of this kind are very scarce).
3 - Tutor students in math
How: distribute ads in the nearby schools;
Advantages: I have the skills and the knowledge; this is a well paid work; and the probability of getting a small ‘class’ of students is actually high;
Disadvantages: I don’t really enjoy teaching maths…
4 - To correct the Portuguese of college essays and thesis, or to translate them to English.
How: distribute ads in nearby colleges and place ads on the internet;
Advantages: this is something I believe I’m good at;
Disadvantages: this is pretty much the kind of work I’m already doing (writing my thesis), so my days will be filled with the same kind of work, which will be tiresome.
5 - To create a sewing workshop for beginners.
How: place ads on the internet;
Advantages: I believe there will be people interested;
Disadvantages: my level of knowledge is not far above the beginner level, so I don’t feel very confident or even entitled to do this.
Alternative 2: part-time work, working as an employee
6 - To work in (almost) anything that shows up, including something that doesn’t require specific skills (like at a store).
How: search for ads in the internet; search for available jobs by making a ‘tour’ through stores and other businesses nearby;
Advantages: this will generate regular income, which is welcome;
Disadvantages: since this is a part-time, the work will have to be close to my home, otherwise I’ll be spending almost all the salary in travelling and meals; it’s not easy to find a job nearby, because this is a rural area, and also due to the crisis the country is going thorough.
- On Tuesday, and curious about the kind of opportunities for paid writing/blogging that may be out there, I spent some time looking at writing ads. One, in particular, caught my attention - it was asking for people who have had counseling/psychotherapy experience, to write about how it has worked for them. It seemed particularly crafted for me, so I didn't think twice and immediately applied :) Of course, this is a small work, but any help is welcome.
- On Wednesday, I had my psychotherapy session and, among other things, I communicated this new objective, and asked for support, and we discussed many of the options that I had brainstormed.
So… What conclusions did I come up with?
The ideas that will more probably generate reasonable income are ideas number 3 and 6. In the next week I will begin searching for working opportunities nearby, and I’ll also write my tutoring ads and decide where I’m going to place them. Meanwhile, and because school hasn’t even began, I’ll also be dedicating myself to options number 1 and 2, which are the ones that would make me happier.
What didn't work out as nicely was my intention to work on this objective in the mornings... I must confess – I’m a night owl, but because I've been reading such wonderful benefits of waking up early, I've been trying to change this, without success. So I guess I'll leave this habit alone, for now. I'll keep dedicating myself to this after the PhD work, i.e., at late evenings. Of course, there are always things (like actually going to work interviews) I'll have to do during the day, but that's ok :)
If anyone reading this has other ideas on how to generate honest income working from home, I would love to hear from you in the comments section!

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