Sep 16, 2012

Happiness is...

(Alentejo Coast, Portugal)

Accepting the mini-challenge proposed by Tammy Strobel, in RowdyKittens, I've created my own list of 10 activities that make me happy :)

Happiness is...

- Reading the first words of a new book

- Sleeping like a baby

- Listening to music that makes my heart dance

- Receiving a kind word from a friend

- Taking a weekend off with my boyfriend

- Sitting in the garden, in a sunny afternoon

- Saving a lost and starving baby kitten

- Being close to my wonderful family

- Singing with all my heart (and breath!)

- Eating a delicious home baked cake

I loved creating this list (it was very spontaneous) because it reminded me of all the amazing simple things I already have in my life. It’s an exercise worth repeating!

And you... What makes you happy?

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