Sep 1, 2012

My objective no. 1

I've decided that, among other things, I'll use this blog to help me implement new habits, and to accomplish certain objectives. By sharing my intentions and strategies, I believe I'll be better able to think things through, and to boost my motivation to keep going :) And maybe sharing this process can be somewhat helpful to anyone who reads my words...
I'm a big fan of 'Zen Habits' for several years now, and one of the things Leo Babauta keeps recommending is to not try to change several habits simultaneously, but to focus on a single habit at a time. I believe Leo is right, and I've seen this same recommendation given by many respectable others, like M.J. Ryan, whose book 'This year I will' I find very inspiring. So, that's what I'll humbly do :P
And what will be my first habit/objective to work on? Well, one of the main reasons of my current depressive state is my almost total lack of income. Which means that since my research scholarship ended I've been living in my parents house and cruelly harvesting my savings... Eventually I would get to the bottom of the well -which I just did... So, it's time to shake this inertia up, and to face some avoided fears... I must find an honest way to generate reasonable income, to support myself while I finish my dear PhD.
Objective no. 1:
Find an honest way to generate reasonable income, to support myself while I finish my PhD.
I'll be looking at part-time job ads, exploring freelance possibilities, brainstorming, and applying to the opportunities that come my way.
I'm giving myself the next 2 months to work on this (while still dedicating myself to the PhD, of course). I'll be doing this in the mornings, and leave the afternoons and evenings to the PhD. And I'll report my progress here in the blog once a week.
This will not be my dream job. I just need to support myself. Working towards my meaningful work will come after PhD...  I'll be starting next Monday (September 3), because this weekend my brother is getting married and I'll be happily enjoying the celebrations!
See you soon ;)


  1. Hi! I just found yo through your comment on I enjoyed reading your thoughts - went through this particular situation as well (finding a job - any job, not the dream job). I hope the best for you!

    1. Hi!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your encouraging words :) I visited your blog too, and I can see you have an adorable tiny house! I love it!...