Oct 7, 2012

Miscellany: Math, Writing and Sewing!

It’s more than time to report my progress on objective no. 1, isn’t it?

Well, here are some of my accomplishments:

- I already have one student for private math tutoring! Yey! She will need intensive tutoring, and we’ve already worked 4h together this week. At the beginning I was a little nervous, but now I am actually enjoying the sessions. I like the challenge of teaching math to someone who claims to be terrible at it :P

- Remember the tiny job to write about my experience with counseling? Well, I got it! I was so happy about it, and tried to give my best. The feedback was good, and I’ll be applying to other writing jobs.

- My Etsy shop has been kind of quiet in the last months but in the last week, out of the blue, I received two orders. Of course, I was also really happy about it. The only problem is that I take a huge amount of time to create each piece, and it does not compensate, monetarily speaking. But still, it’s great to release my creativity and to relax my mind.

I’m showing the pictures of the 2 (simple) creations that I just sold:

I hope you like them! These covers have an unconventional function, very related to reading ;) Hmmm…  

And now what? Well, I’ll probably search for another student, and I believe two students will be enough. I’ll be able to pay for my current small expenses. And talking about frugality – I’ve been living at my most frugal ever. Not having a regular income has been a new and big challenge for me. I began paying much more attention to where my money is going. I don’t buy a piece of clothing for so long that I can’t remember when the last time was (excluding the dress for my brother’s wedding :P). The funny thing is that the other day I was decluttering and inventorying my clothes for autumn/winter, and I realized I already have much more than I need.

Finally, my thesis writing has suffered with all these new activities but I hope I'll be able to get back on track next week…

See you soon! :) And be well...

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