Oct 19, 2012

The Reverse 100 Thing Challenge - I'm in!

Courtney Carver’s blog, ‘Be more with less’, is one of my dearest blogs on simple and meaningful living. And today Courtney created The Reverse 100 Thing Challenge, which consists of collecting and donating 100 items until December 15th. And - without hesitation - I’m in!

I've actually been doing this for about a month (getting rid of stuff – 3 or more items per day), so it will be a lot of fun to participate in this challenge. And I must say that this decluttering process has been very energizing and uplifting. I realized how I rarely purge things out of my life. I just keep, keep, keep. And I guess I thought that all the stuff around me was important and necessary. But now that I’ve been looking through it, I found out that only a very small percentage is actually necessary. And for the first time I can easily pick my clothes each morning, without having to submerge myself in a chaotic amalgam of clothing ;P

But back to the challenge. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll find 100 items in good condition to donate. Perhaps some of the items will go to recycling. But still I’ll try my best! I’m planning on gathering 5 or 10 items per day, and to photograph them in group. Then I’ll add all the pictures together in a collage.

And today I gathered my first group of 10 items: 8 books (which I’ll be donating to the local library), and two pieces of clothing that are in great condition, but which I never wear. Here's the picture:

And now I invite you to join this challenge. Come on, it will be fun! ;)


  1. Awesome! good luck! I still have my September challenge to finish, even though it's October!


    1. Thanks Linda :) And you've already progressed a lot in your challenge! It's been motivating to see you declutter :P