Nov 30, 2012

Aveiro on a coldish afternoon

(Note: This post was initially part of a larger post, but I decided it made more sense to split it.)

Me and my boyfriend (I'll just call him B. from now on) enjoy loosing ourselves in longs walks through Aveiro. Below are some pictures I took this Sunday (late) afternoon.

Come walk with me... :)

Tiny carousel

Christmassy "Fogueteiro"

"Parceira do Ramo" is cold.

I am cold!

Colorful "Moliceiros"

Beautiful curvy lines of "Moliceiros"

Last daily reflections on the "Ria"...

It's Christmas inside!

It's Christmas outside!

Yep, it's Christmas outside.

Ok, I get it. It's REALLY Christmas outside.

Mmmmm... Roasted chestnuts ("castanhas assadas")...

Hope you enjoyed the walk.

See you soon :)


  1. Beautiful pictures :)

    1. Thank you Laura! :) Hope you come visit Aveiro when you move to Portugal ;)

  2. I love Aveiro. And the downtown is adorable.
    As someone says: "Já fui muito feliz em Aveiro" ;-)
    Great pictures

    1. Thank you Isabel! So nice to 'see' you here , again :)

      Também tenho sido muito feliz em Aveiro ;)