Dec 14, 2012

My 12 Great Things of 2012 {borrowed exercise ;P }

I've been feeling better, since my last post. I'm happy my depressive moods aren't as sticky as they used to be :)

Minutes ago, while browsing through my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon Just a Little Less's invitation to share 12 great things of 2012. I thought this would be a wonderful exercise, to help me remember all the good things that filled my 2012. So here's my list:

1- Starting (and maintaining) my tiny Etsy shop

2- Starting my blog

3- My big brother's marriage

4- Publishing 2 articles in scientific journals

5- Developing an even closer relationship with my sister

6- Starting tutoring Math

7- Completing the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge

8- Having found new and wonderful blogs

9- Seeing Radiohead alive

10- Seeing Leslie Feist alive

11- Great moments with my boyfriend

12- Great moments spent in Lisbon, in my September conference

This list was written quite impulsively, so I'm sure there are other great things. But what matters is that I could confirm that my life isn't as stuck and sterile as I sometimes seem to believe.

I invite you all to make your own list! ;)


  1. Hi Mopsa - glad you like this end of year list thing. Love the photo of the canopy - is it from the wedding? Good to hear you're feeling better xo

    1. Hi Claire!
      The photo is from a medieval fair that happens every year in Santa Maria da Feira:
      It's pretty awesome!

  2. Radiohead! Lucky you! I've been on a "The Bends" binge again lately.

    1. Yep! I thought they would never return to Portugal, but it happened this year. It was fabulous! :)

  3. 2 articles scientific journal?????????????? You go girl!!!! I love to see amazing women kicking a**!!!!

    1. Hi Ana!

      Wow, you made me feel I did something important :P Thank you!