Dec 31, 2012

My 2013: Purposeful Action

I don't have the habit of making new year's resolutions. I'm not sure why, but I've never enjoyed thinking about the future.

Hmm... Well. Perhaps because it causes me anxiety.

But this year will be different. And I'll begin by choosing my theme for 2013 (as suggested in Rowdy Kittens). Mine will be: Purposeful Action. I decided to chose this theme because I've been realizing how my strong tendency to live almost exclusively inside of my head (frequently 'philosophizing' about how life should/could be lived) has lead me to stagnation, and to a consequent terrible feeling of years quickly flying by... When I do take action, many times this action is motivated by fear, and not so much by purpose.

I'm not practical. I'm not the kind of person that naturally makes things happen. I pretty much live in my mind. I frequently feel like a stranger to my own body, and I tend to forget the physical world around me. It's like living in a foggy-dreamy cloud. Sometimes I remember that the world is still below, moving, and that I should move too. 'What, another year has passed? But, I was in the cloud just for 15 minutes! How can this possible be?' Do you get the picture?

I'm not condemning my nature. I really believe I'm wired this way, because this is how I remember to be since I was a little child. But some balance is needed. I definitely need more action. Not just any action - but purposeful action. So I intend to keep this theme at the front of my mind every day of 2013.

This year I want to take purposeful action to:
- Finish my PhD;
- Find a full-time job (after finishing the PhD);
- Get out of my parents house (after finding a full-time job :P);
- Reflect on, experiment with, and define my future meaningful career orientation (I'll be using this book, to help me - I love Barrie Davenport's insights, on her blog);
- Declutter my living space;
- Bring more of what gives meaning to my life and makes me happy into my everyday life.

The last one is not very specific, because I'm in a process to figure out what it is that gives meaning and brings happiness to my life.

Ok. I actually enjoyed doing this exercise! I feel more 'oriented' already ;P

I'll keep blogging, as regularly as I can. I recently thought about creating another blog. Dedicating this one to posts that would be more like 'inspirational' essays (with the things I've been learning, and that I think may be useful to share), and the other would function more like a personal journal. I'm still pondering on this.

Please, bear with me. Despite the passiveness I was complaining about, 2012 had many great things, and I'm very excited about 2013. I commit to make this new year abundant in purposeful action, and I would love to continue to have you near by - for the sharing, and for the extra-inspiration!

I wish you all a great and meaningful 2013, full of happy moments :)


  1. "Foggy dreamy cloud... 15 minutes..."

    That sounds familiar! Lol! I love your blog. As I read your posts, I keep nodding in agreement like I'm a bobble-head.


    1. Ah ah! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one living in a foggy dreamy cloud where the passage of time works differently ;P

      And I'm so happy that you like my blog. I'll be visiting yours right away :)