Dec 29, 2012

Summing up The Reverse 100 Thing Challenge

Hi you all!

Today I'll be summing up my "Reverse 100 Thing Challenge" experience.

The process:

On the first days of the challenge I could easily find items to donate. Most of them were overflowing in my closet and drawers!

After having 20-30 items collected it got more difficult to find items in good condition that I was willing to let go of. So I dug deeper into my clothing, and into my books. With each new approach I could select another couple of things I was keeping but not really using.

With some of the books, it was easy. Like books I didn't intend to read that were only taking up space. But with other books it was hard. For example, one of the books I selected to donate was one I didn't particularly enjoy reading, but because it had been an expensive purchase and it had a beautiful cover, I was having trouble letting go of it. It stood beautifully on my shelf! And then there were my childhood and teenage books. I wanted to keep them all for memory sake! I ended up deciding to donate some of the books, and to keep the ones I enjoyed most and didn't feel prepared to donate just yet. I'm now gradually giving my teenage books to my 11 year old cousin (who is also my godchild), who loves to read. I gave her the first, and on the day after she told me she had already read 30 pages. Now that's a much better use for my old forgotten books!

After a while I couldn't find more items that I was willing to let go of. My closet, drawers and shelves were already breathing much easier! So I asked my mother if I could sort through an old closet we have on the pantry. I was amazed by the huge quantity of clothing my mother was keeping - from old, old times. For example, she was keeping almost all my trousers since I was 12! I was able to gather a huge amount of clothing in great condition, and this closet could also breath more easily, now with only the clothes that my parents still use. Then I got my brother's permission to go through his closet (he no longer lives with us). And then my sister went along and sorted her own closet. Yay! It got easy to reach 100 items. And we have more clothing gathered to go.

I've already donated part of the clothing, and I have bags of clothing in my car trunk, ready to go. I still need to figure out to whom I'm going to donate some of the items. If I don't find a good recipient, I may trade those items for clothing.

3 reasons why I loved doing this exercise:

1. I found out I don't really need half of the things I keep. I just thought I needed them. Realizing I don't is liberating!

2. I started a process that I definitely wish to continue. I feel I've opened a door to a simpler and lighter life :)

3. Giving feels great! Awesome, really :D

I would love to hear about your experience with this exercise (or with a similar one)!

P.S. I've just joined Leo Babauta's Sea Change Program. I'm super excited about it!


  1. Well done on completing this project. I love that feeling of happiness you get after giving things away. I'm interested in this project and the Sea Change Program - thanks for the inspiration xo

    1. Hi Claire,

      Yes, it feels great!

      I can't wait for the first course of the Sea Change Program to begin :) I'll certainly be sharing how the program works for me.

  2. Hey, well done on completing the project! I have also started the reverse 100 thing challenge, and hoping to finish it before 1st Jan!! I have a lot of things (haven't counted) to get rid of, and hoping to reach 100! should be easy with the amount of stuff I have!!

    1. Hi Linda!

      It's nice to hear from you :) And it's great that you're also joining the reverse 100 thing challenge!

  3. Oh, wow. What a fascinating challenge. I hadn't heard of it before. Sounds like something I should do, but not something I'd find easy!

    1. Hi Katrina,

      I thought it would be difficult, but it ended up being fun and easy, especially with the participation of my family :)

      Thank you for stopping by!