Jan 31, 2013

January: Unprocrastination Month

It's the end of January, and it's also the end of my first month at the Sea Change Program, offered by Leo Babauta. This first month was dedicated to the Unprocrastination Course, and I thought it might be interesting to share some of the benefits I've gained from it.

When it comes to habits, Leo believes that small and simple is better. From what I've experienced previously and, particularly, this month, I can say that Leo's philosophy is pretty smart ;)

In the Unprocrastination Course we developed 3 very simple habits - one per week. The fourth week served to consolidate the 3 habits. Now, of course I don't want to (and can't) share Leo's whole program. Instead I just want to share the one habit that, to me, made the most difference. It's the habit of defining a Most Important Task (MIT) at the beginning of each day, and then working on it (even if for just 5 minutes) prior everything else. Yep, even before checking e-mail.

It's a very simple habit, really. So why was developing this habit so useful to me? Because even though I say working on my thesis is my current priority, in practice I wasn't always treating it as such. For example, December was a very unproductive month... I had several other important things going on: an abnormal workload in my Etsy shop; and everything else related with holidays (including holidays). Conclusion: I only worked 16.5 hours on my thesis last December. Yep... :/

The first two weeks of January would not have been much more productive if I hadn't engaged in the Sea Change Program, because right at the beginning of the month my professor requested me to review in detail a (very...) long chapter of a book our research group has been working on. So defining writing on my thesis as my MIT forced me to actually write on my thesis everyday, before everything else. This made a huge difference and I was able to progress significantly in my writing.

The other great thing about Leo's program is that we're assigned to a support team (mine has 4 elements), that meets regularly. Last Sunday we held a Skype meeting, and it was pretty amazing to share experiences with my 3 lovely team mates, who were speaking from the UK and Israel! Of course, my spoken English was quite rusty... :$

Seriously, I highly recommend Leo's program, for anyone who needs a little of structure and active support in changing habits.

February is the month of eating healthier, and I'm already paying more attention to what I put on my mouth (a.k.a. too much sugar) ;)

Have you tried Leo's program? What works best for you, when it comes to developing new healthy habits?

P.S. In this first month Leo also gave a live webinar and answered some of the participants questions. I was lucky to be quick enough writing my question, and he actually read it out load and answered! (Yes, in case you haven't noticed yet, I'm a big Leo's fan.)


  1. Very impressed Mopsa!!! Leo's approach is so simplistic when I re-read it. Great to have an insight into an e-course as I wondered what they were all about. Well done with your achievements xo

    1. Thank you Claire! I was curious about e-courses too. This one was a present from my boyfriend, and I'm really enjoying it ;P