Feb 19, 2013

Procrastination tip: keep on starting

I'm returning to my "Procrastination tips" series, with one of the tips that I recall most often.

"Keep on starting, and finishing will take care of itself" - I've read this advice on The Now Habit, a book I like very much and to which I've referred before.

This is simple yet powerful advice, and especially useful for long projects.

Keeping our eyes on the end of the project may cause us to feel overwhelmed. "There's so much work ahead!", "I'll never finish!" - thoughts like these frequently cross my mind when I focus on the idea of finishing my thesis.

But really, all I can do now is start - and then start again. If I regularly keep on starting, eventually I'll realize I've finished. This is what happened with the chapters of my thesis that are now finished. Yay!

So, when feeling overwhelmed by a long and big task, remember the mantra: "Keep on starting, and finishing will take care of itself" ;)

I would love to hear about your experience with this (or other) procrastination tip in the comments section.

See you soon! :)

P.S. Talking about work... I've realized I need to spend more time on my thesis. So, among other things, I decided I'll be posting less frequently - but at least once a week. I may not comment as frequently on other blogs, but I'll keep reading attentively. I apologize for this and hope that you'll continue stopping by :)


  1. Hi Mopsa - great advice for someone who often feels overwhelmed by large tasks. I also use Leo Babautua's advice to single task, focusing on getting the most important task of the day done, rather than multi-tasking. Hope the work goes well and thanks for letting us know what you're up to. I look forward to your weekly posts and photos xo

    1. Hi Claire :) I've also started following Leo's advice regarding the most important task, and single-tasking has become almost sacred to me!
      Thank you so much for your words of incentive :)