Apr 22, 2013

About to do something crazy

I'm about to do something crazy. I'm shaking! Honestly, I don't know if it's the right thing. I hope it feels right once there's no way back.

More about this soon...

Me, yesterday and about to do something less crazier (I must confess, I actually hated the ride) (I must also confess that I was already wearing some Spring clothing selections - I'll update Project 333 soon!)

Apr 15, 2013

My tiny Etsy shop: kindle cover with wooden pattern

If you don't mind, I'll be sharing here every new addition to my Etsy shop.

So, this new one is a custom cover I created for the Kindle Paperwhite of a very friendly Portuguese client, and that is now available in the shop (made to order):

version 1
version 2

As a wannabe minimalist, I still believe each kindle/ereader/tablet needs one good protective cover ;P

See you soon!

Apr 13, 2013

Mini decluttering challenge no. 3: chaotic bookcase

Another mini decluttering challenge completed in a radical fashion. I hated this shelf. It was a clumsy addition to accommodate more University paper. 

Confession: I did not exactly get rid of everything on this shelf. Some items I relocated to other recently decluttered spaces. Still, I love the new empty piece of floor ;)

How's your decluttering going?

See you soon :)

Apr 11, 2013

Project 333 - Extending season 1

I've been trying Project 333 since the beginning of the year. Now I was supposed to create another selection of 33 items for April, May and June. The thing is - it's still cold and windy and rainy! So I decided to stick with my selection for another month (i.e., April).

But how have I been doing with Project 333? I'm sure you're curious so I'll talk a little bit about it.

Well, it's been surprisingly easy and refreshing! Every day I pick my clothes much faster and everything fits right as I'm no longer forcing myself to wear the clothes I don't really like. Still, sometimes I get a bit tired of my same old clothes... But then I remind myself that adaptation is normal and that it also happened when I had a larger array of options. When I feel this way I try to be creative and arrange different clothing combinations ;)

I've cheated a bit when it comes to jewelry, as I wore three more items:

In my next selection I'll be sure to include more jewelry. I allowed myself this because there were items I was rarely or never using. So this month I'm trading the rarely used items for the three jewelry pieces.

By the way, some of my most loved and used items have been:

When April ends I'll select 33 pieces for May and June. I can't wait for warmer days!

Have you tried Project 333? I'd love to hear about your experience.

See you soon :)