May 24, 2013

Giving up on my phone's smartness

My relationship with my smartphone was getting a little bit too intense.

I was constantly checking my blog, my Etsy shop, my favorite blogs on the Feedly app, and googling everything intriguing that popped up on my mind. Sometimes, while with other people, I secretly craved for my smartphone's bright screen. And at night, while in bed and before closing my eyes, I would just quickly-check-this-or-that.

Not very healthy. I know, I know...

So I decided to try the challenge of going without internet in my phone for a whole week. I wanted to test how addicted I was and to observe the differences in the ways I would direct my time and focus.

In the first 2-3 days it wasn't easy. I felt the deprivation. No more bright, colorful and entertaining stuff to fill up my boring moments. My phone began to look lifeless and dull.

As a result, I turned much more often to my kindle, and in this week I actually ended the book I'd been dragging on and started reading a new one.

As days passed I stopped missing my internet so much. I even began feeling relieved that I hadn't to be always checking internet stuff. In a way, it had almost began to feel like an obligation: "if my phone says I have a new e-mail message, then I have to check it as quickly as possible!" I calmed down a bit, and started being more present in the here-and-now.

I still had my PC for internet, so I wasn't really missing out. I managed to continue on top of my favorite blogs, because I actually sat quietly to read them on my PC  instead of reading them scatteredly on my phone app.

When the week ended I was very happy with the results of my experiment and decided to continue without internet on my smartphone. I established two exceptions: in the mornings I can turn it on as checking the internet for 5 minutes motivates me to wake up and makes my lazy brain start working; and, of course, whenever I actually need to use the internet (which has never happened so far).

This is the third week and I'm still happy I gave up on my phone's smartness :P

How about you? How do you relate with your smartphone? Do you, like me, tend to become addicted to its shiny screen?

See you soon!


  1. I just got a smart phone but i'm going to try and not become too obsessed! I'm hoping itll help really because at the mo I check the comp frequently to see if I have any updates - at least my phone tells me direct so if I haven't got anything I won't go online and get distracted by other things! We'll see!

    1. Hi Rachel :)

      I believe a smartphone can be very useful, if we use it right. I still use my note taking app regularly, for example. But it seems that my brain tends to get addicted/disturbed by the constant connection. So for now, I'm limiting the internet connection.

      I hope you enjoy your smartphone (with moderation :P)!