May 20, 2013

Project 333 - Spring selection (finally!)

I'm finally sharing my Spring selection for Project 333! The weather has improved, even though it's still quite uncertain: we have beautiful sunny days followed by windy-rainy days.

So here it is...

My wardrobe changes considerably this season. Out with the warm sweaters and thick jackets. In with light spring tops and shirts. And... And... Skirts! Yes, I'm adding two skirts - none of which I've worn so far but I definitely plan to wear them further along the way. And this time I'm not counting jewelry. I can wear whatever I wish from my (modest) collection.

And now, some possible outfits:

And here you can see me (with my dear cousin and godchild, on Feira de Março), wearing one of the possible outfits:

I love warm days and the fresh clothes they ask for :)

Have you already picked your Project 333 Spring/Summer clothes?

See you soon! :)


  1. Well done on getting your 33 spring items sorted, I'm still making my final decisions xo

    1. Sorting was actually fast - the part of taking pictures and organizing them for the post was much more time-consuming! o.O

      Thanks for commenting Claire, and good Spring decisions ;P

  2. Great post! I love seeing how other people are doing Project 333 (I've been doing it since the beginning of April). You seem to have a very nice variety of colors and styles in your capsule. Thanks for sharing a few of your outfit possibilities, too. I hope you post more in the future. Good luck to you!

    1. Hi Debbie! Project 333 has been a great experience. I don't buy a piece of clothing in what seems like ages, and I still feel comfortable and happy with my wardrobe.

      Thanks for commenting! :)