May 27, 2013

Sea change program: summing up my experience

In February I wrote about my first month in the Sea Change Program, offered by Leo Babauta. Remember? January had been the 'unprocrastination month' and I was very happy with my achievements. I planned to write about each following course's module (each one lasting one month) but I ended up... Procrastinating! Oops.

But now I'll try to briefly sum up my experience...

February - eating healthier month

Strategy: I decided to cut on sugar, by eating less candies. I established a simple objective: I could have my candies every other day. And on 'yes' days I would moderate the dose. On 'no' days I could eat healthier treats like for example nuts or dried figs.

Result: I began craving my sugar. A LOT. I remember, on a 'no' day, being with B. at the mall. All I could think about was sugar. So I said: 'I can't take it anymore! I must have a candy. Now!' He said: 'No, I won't let you! Remember your promise.' After resisting for a while I ended up luring him into the candy section and bought four beautiful 'bolas de berlim sem creme'. He ate one and I ate two (the other one I took home for my sister). The thing is... I had never craved sugar like this before. And I had never ate two bolas de berlim in a row. So my exercise was doing me more harm than good, I decided. And I stopped some days after. I could have chosen a different objective, but I didn't. So eating healthier month was pretty much a fiasco. I must say, however, that I believe I eat healthy enough already (a lot of fish, chicken and salads with occasional deviations). Still, I could eat better.

March - meditation month

Strategy: To start with a daily meditation of 2 minutes in the first week, continue with 5 daily minutes in the second week, 10 minutes in the third week, and end with 20 minutes in the fourth week.

Result: I meditated almost everyday, before starting my work day. This coincided with a mindfulness exercise my therapist encouraged me to do, which helped me to maintain the resolution. It was a positive experience, even though I never passed beyond the 5-10 minutes. But I ended up loosing the habit in the following months. Now I intend to restore this habit!

April - exercise month: At this point I began procrastinating a lot on the program... I'm nor sure why and how this happened, but it did. I would even avoid reading the course's material. So I decided to quit, as I could not afford to be on the program with my low level of commitment.

Still, I saved all the material, and I've been trying a different approach to change. Depending on how it goes, I may share it here ;)

One of the things that I realized about myself, is that in the beginning of a new challenge (as this program) I'm all fresh and energetic, but as times goes by, the challenge begins to seem boring and slowly occupies less and less space on my mind. I don't care about it anymore and I just wish I could try something different. Because of this, I believe that a monthly subscription program is not really for me. Something more intense and short lived should work better. Of course, new habits are supposed to stick with us. But maybe there's a funnier way to implement them. I don't know. As I mentioned, I've been thinking about this and trying different ideas.

Anyhow, overall it was a good experience.

Have you tried the Sea Change Program? How has it worked for you?

See you soon :)

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