Jun 17, 2013

My pictures: Galicia Western Coast

As promised in a previous post, today I'm sharing some of the best pictures of my trip to Galicia (Spain). We traveled along the Western Coast, between Baiona and Cabo Fisterra. The days were long and warm and the sky was of a deep blue. And, I must confess, I was not prepared to witness so much natural beauty. The pictures shall speak for themselves...

Come... ;)

First day, between A Granxa and Sanxenxo:

Second day, O Grove:

Third day, Pontevedra:
(Here I had to start using my old phone's camera, so the quality of the images decreases.)

Fourth day, Miradoiro Valle-Inclán (and somewhere nearby):

Fifth day, from Muros to Cabo Fisterra:

Last day, Baiona:

I got too excited and posted A LOT of pictures. Hope you're still with me by now. And hope you enjoyed Galicia's coast. If so, consider visiting, when you're nearby ;)

See you soon!

Jun 13, 2013

Procrastination tip: focus on contribution

Focusing on contribution has been helping me to change my mindset about work. Especially about work that I tend to resist and procrastinate on - be it because I find the task boring or too difficult, or (especially) because I feel that my performance in the task may be a measure of my worth.

For example, if I think about the time that I spend working on my thesis as my daily (small) contribution (in the form of knowledge) to society, I feel more motivated to do it. And I don't feel so anxious about it.

In the end, I believe work should be all about contribution. And, if it's about contribution, it's definitely not about defining one's self-worth.

I like to fantasize about a society where everyone (who is able) contributes willingly and happily with their piece of work, and everyone gets properly nourished with the result of that work - as in a big loving family. Utopia, yes. But it sure doesn't hurt to change my mindset and habitual behavior to be more in line with my Utopian ideals ;P

When you find yourself resisting work, try to ask yourself: "In what way will this work make a contribution"?

Will it:

- Contribute with relevant knowledge?
- Simplify people's lives?
- Shelter / feed / heal / inspire / educate / entertain people?
- Or contribute by _______ (fill in the blank)?

How do you feel about your work when you're more clear about the contribution you're making? I bet it gets a little bit easier to tackle ;)

How's your experience with this or other procrastination tips?

♥ I love when you share your thoughts ♥

See you soon :)

Jun 10, 2013

Fiona, the kitty {with captions}

This post is for all the cat lovers that stop by my blog ;P

Here's a compilation of pictures of Fiona, in her best:

Fiona, the Explorer

Fiona, the Tree Hugger

Fiona, the Finger Chewer

Fiona, the Spoiled

Fiona, the Photogenic

Fiona, the Sitting Empress

Fiona, the Social Network Addict

Fiona, the Shy

Fiona, the Sleepyhead
(I had to show this picture again - it's just too adorable!)

Hope you enjoyed Fiona!

See you soon :)