Jun 9, 2013

Book review: 'As a decade fades'

I wrote a review on Amazon of the book 'As a decade fades' by Joshua Fields Millburn, and thought it might be interesting to share it here:

"I've been following The Minimalists blog for a while now, and that's how I got to know Joshua F. Millburn's writing. Joshua's essays stood out for their originality, relevant message and for the beautiful writing. So when 'As a decade fades' was published, I was delighted with the opportunity to read Joshua on a different register.

Being 29 years old myself, and watching my own decade fade, this book strongly resonated with me. Throughout the story Jody Grafton's pain is almost palpable and all too familiar. But, as with Jody's songs, this book is not just about pain and confusion and guilt - it's also about hope and a quest for redemption. I like a good story that doesn't leave me in a place darker than the place I was before I started reading, and this one managed to inspire and instill hope without the use of false propaganda.

But the main thing I would like to highlight from this book is Joshua's writing. In some pieces of writing I felt as if I was reading poetry, as the words managed to touch somewhere deep and sore within me. The description of physical environments is masterfully tainted by emotional states, and I frequently felt as if I was standing just beside Jody, seeing what he was seeing and feeling what he was feeling. And, somewhat miming the female characters, I would sometimes love and other times hate Jody as I progressed throughout the book pages.

I'll finish with some of my favorite clippings from the book:

'If we drive using the rearview, we are bound to crash'

'He wasn't sure when it had happened, but one day he woke up halfway between somewhere and nowhere and he was twenty-something and nearing thirty as the decade faded'

'to get away from everything that was broken, start anew, experience a rebirth, a chance to get away from a world that was all wrong and to get it all right this time'

'He could not, however, disappear the morning. The morning was unavoidable. He squinted in agony as the sun's rays spotlighted the nicotine-bruised walls'

'The only way for her to be found was to stop following him, to turn around and leave him alone, leave him wandering beneath the darkness of the trees on his own.'

'he wanted nothing but to be loved. But perhaps to hate someone this much you have to love them immensely'

'But sometimes rock bottom is the finest place to be - the view can be astonishing'

'for a moment, Jody was inside a place that felt right to him, inside this kid's world, a world that accepted him and didn't judge him and somehow understood him'

'He wasn't sure what love was, but maybe it felt like this, like water shaped from the shore it meets. Or was it lust that burned off the fog of his thoughts? Or were love and lust the same thing?'

'Jody could keep his eyes on the road now, ignoring the rearview and the rubble behind him. (...) he would have to deal only with the present - and simply hope for the best on the wide open road ahead.'"

Have you read Joshua's book? What have you been reading lately?

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