Aug 27, 2013

Tiny 2013 summer vacation: Gerês (part 1, of 2)

Hello again! :)

As promised, here I am to share some pictures of my tiny 2013 summer vacation. This year we decided on Gerês, again - because it is green, peaceful, and well... Gorgeous!

We ended up extending our stay for another day - so we totaled 5 beautiful days of 'dolce far niente' :) I'm presenting the pictures by day, with a brief explanation of the places/scenes depicted.


Day 1 - Travel to Vila do Gerês, stopping in Braga for lunch

> Braga

Flowery avenue

Stopping for some coffee after lunch

Walking the streets of the historic center

Igreja de Santa Cruz

Colorful buildings


Building dressed up with colorful lamps

Walking some more

Detail of beautiful old church

Love this old stained glass window

> Vila do Gerês

We're happy to be back :)

The waters are clear

Parque das Termas

Melancholic window

Summer festivities decoration (late afternoon)

Summer festivities decoration (evening)

Day 2 - Afternoon exploring (and bathing in) the 'Cascatas do Tahiti'

While traveling to the waterfalls, we saw this beautiful view


A tiny piece of paradise

B. got all excited, jumping from rock to rock, while I screamed for him to be careful

B. conquered the hill

I had to jump into these clear waters

Me, ready to jump! (or... ready to enter slowly and carefully, to test the waters... whatever!)

View, while returning to Vila do Gerês

Day 3 - Resting in Vila do Gerês, around the hotel pool

"Pool! Yaaay!"

Resting, with my kindle on my lap

(to be continued)

Where did you go for vacations? What kind of vacation do you enjoy? Please share in the comments section :)



  1. Beautiful!! Your photos are truly what dreams are made of...thanks for the vacation inspiration.

    1. Thank you Tara! I'm so happy you like my photos :D

  2. great choices: braga and gerês. well done!
    and (as usual) great pictures.

    1. Olá Isabel!

      Thank you! I do love both Braga and Gerês :)