Oct 21, 2013

One-year journal / diary, in Portuguese

On the day of my 30th birthday I created a new blog, in Portuguese, where I intend to write something everyday, for a year. And I've done it so far! I missed writing in my mother language. It feels, of course, far more natural - and I'm also much faster. You wouldn't believe the amount of time I spend editing these English posts!

I spent some time reflecting on whether I wanted to share this new blog here (for those of you who understand Portuguese, of course). And I decided to do it. But be warned: it may get boring! It's pretty much a diary, where I ramble about my day, and do some self-analysis when appropriate.

If you wish to visit, be my guest: "Um ano na minha vida".

And now, completely unrelated, I end with some pictures of Fiona, who is so very cute and photogenic (and maybe a little dirty from playing in the yard)!

See you soon!

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