Oct 6, 2013

Tiny 2013 summer vacation: Gerês (part 2, of 2)

And suddenly, another (almost) two months passed by... I know it's a bit too late for vacation pictures, but here they are... :)

Day 4 - Afternoon exploring (and bathing in) the Vilarinho da Furna dam

I, posing right beside the dam!

"Do not throw objects - you may hit people"


The other side


"Private property. Belongs to the former inhabitants of Vilarinho da Furna. Limited access." (We payed a symbolic fee to access.) 

We walked this path, along the waterside


The path was long and the view was stunning

So much water

Happy cows

We found this heart shape. Is Nature in love? ;P

Supposedly we should be able to see the old Vilarinho da Furna village here, but on this specific day it was completely submerged

I and the water (which was surprisingly warm)! 


Local flora,  in pink

Local flora,  in yellow

Local flora,  in grey

Local flora,  in greenish brown 

Traditional 'espigueiros', on our way back to the hotel 

The afternoon says goodbye

Day 5 - Returning home, with a stop at Porto

We found another lake, with a mini dam downstream

River beach

Porto city park (suddenly, the weather was grey) 


Someone scared the geese (the white spots on the floor are feathers)

White as snow


A splash of red

~The End~

Hope you enjoyed traveling with me. See you (hopefully) soon :)

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