Mar 12, 2014

Accompany me daily (in English!) + what I've been up to

This blog has been terrible quiet...

It hasn't been easy to find the time and the motivation to write here while giving the final steps on my PhD. But as I've shared previously I've been writing daily on my blog "Um ano na minha vida" ("One year in my life") since I turned 30. I write short and simple entries, relating what I did and thought that day. And frequently these entries are about my work day and about how I've managed my mood throughout the day. Since the posts are short I just found out I can translate them fairly easily. So now, if you wish, you can accompany me daily, in English.

I plan to return regularly to 'Inspira' when I finish the PhD, which (hopefully) will take just another couple of months. And I continue to be an attentive reader of all my favorite blogs, despite not commenting as much as I used to.

Meanwhile, you can still find me here. Come visit!

Be well! :)

Feb 2, 2014


Life used to be simple:
she was tiny
and secure,
she was always
in the present,
her mind and heart
were, oh, so pure...

One stormy day,
so sudden
and unannounced,
a flash pierced through
her brain!
She froze
amidst the pain,
unable to react.
She couldn't believe it,
but it was real,
so real and exact.

From that day on
she was never
the same.
Gone was her
in came her shame.

She grew beneath
the shadows,
unable to force
a smile,
the world,
once so inviting,
was now cold
and, oh, so vile...

Many years
passed by,
seasons went
and seasons came.
She was still
among the shadows,
unseen and
growing ill.

One day,
while she was fighting
with the monsters
in her head,
a thin ray
of light
pierced though
the grey.

At first
she didn’t notice,
but unquestionably
it was there.
It warmed her
hands and heart,
and it brightened
up the air.

She took off
her moldy clothes,
and let it clean 
her skin,
she let her tears fall,
and was left
with a clumsy grin.

Many years
passed by,
seasons went
and seasons came.
She rarely stood
in the shadows
but her innocence
she couldn't claim.

She knows
she learned things,
and that everyone
has to grow...

But sometimes
she still longs
for the girl that didn’t

Jan 20, 2014

Keystone habits and ripple effect

When I drive I like to listen to audio books. This week I decided to listen again to the audiobook 'The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change'. I had listened to it about a year ago and really enjoyed it.

Right at the beginning the book talks about 'keystone habits'. A keystone habit is a habit that, after being successfully implemented, ends up affecting other areas in a person's life, frequently in unexpected ways.The book tells the story of Lisa. Lisa had all kinds of unhealthy habits. Among other things, she was overweight, a smoker and couldn't keep a job for longer than a couple of months. One day, after having been abandoned by her husband for another woman, she decided that she had to change. She started with her smoking habit. She succeeded. She replaced smoking with jogging. Jogging, in turn, motivated her to eat better. Eventually she was running marathons, managing her time better, being able to keep her job and engaging in a Master's program. Talk about ripple effect!

While listening to this story I couldn't help but notice how something similar has been happening to me.
As I shared before, this October 1st, when I turned 30, I decided to start a personal online journal. The only rule was that I had to write everyday (even if just a short sentence) for an entire year. It's been almost 4 months now and I've never failed. The interesting thing is that this simple habit is affecting my life in ways I hadn't imagined when I started it. I'm now exercising and meditating regularly, working more on my PhD, and being more mindful in general.

With this I've learned that when we want to change our lives, the best strategy may be to simply pick a healthy habit, and really commit to it. Eventually we may start to notice our life changing in unexpected ways...

What about you? Have you experienced this 'ripple effect' in your life?

Jan 1, 2014

I open my arms

New Year’s Eve is often a pretext for me and B. to take a two-day getaway. We usually stay in a nice (but very affordable) hotel and walk around and enjoy each other's company.

This year we returned to Porto. We had a simple but happy New Year's Eve. We had dinner and then we went to the streets, mingling with the crowds. After the fireworks we walked through the city, watching the excitement and confusion. I like to see the crowds on the streets and to observe the festive dynamics.

On this New Year's Eve I tried to welcome 2014 with sincerity. Generally I resist the arrival of each New Year. I don’t like to feel time passing by. Silly me, I know. But I’m done with resisting. I open my arms to 2014, I open my arms to my freshly tried thirties, and to all that is to come.

And I wish you all a happy 2014! May it be full of love, inner peace and courage.

Note 1: I’m practicing letting go of my perfectionism when writing in English, because otherwise I take tooooo long to write my posts. So please forgive me if sometimes my use of the English language is a bit imperfect.

Note 2: Oh, and below I share some pictures of our two-day get away. Come...

Be well :)