Jan 1, 2014

I open my arms

New Year’s Eve is often a pretext for me and B. to take a two-day getaway. We usually stay in a nice (but very affordable) hotel and walk around and enjoy each other's company.

This year we returned to Porto. We had a simple but happy New Year's Eve. We had dinner and then we went to the streets, mingling with the crowds. After the fireworks we walked through the city, watching the excitement and confusion. I like to see the crowds on the streets and to observe the festive dynamics.

On this New Year's Eve I tried to welcome 2014 with sincerity. Generally I resist the arrival of each New Year. I don’t like to feel time passing by. Silly me, I know. But I’m done with resisting. I open my arms to 2014, I open my arms to my freshly tried thirties, and to all that is to come.

And I wish you all a happy 2014! May it be full of love, inner peace and courage.

Note 1: I’m practicing letting go of my perfectionism when writing in English, because otherwise I take tooooo long to write my posts. So please forgive me if sometimes my use of the English language is a bit imperfect.

Note 2: Oh, and below I share some pictures of our two-day get away. Come...

Be well :)

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