Feb 2, 2014


Life used to be simple:
she was tiny
and secure,
she was always
in the present,
her mind and heart
were, oh, so pure...

One stormy day,
so sudden
and unannounced,
a flash pierced through
her brain!
She froze
amidst the pain,
unable to react.
She couldn't believe it,
but it was real,
so real and exact.

From that day on
she was never
the same.
Gone was her
in came her shame.

She grew beneath
the shadows,
unable to force
a smile,
the world,
once so inviting,
was now cold
and, oh, so vile...

Many years
passed by,
seasons went
and seasons came.
She was still
among the shadows,
unseen and
growing ill.

One day,
while she was fighting
with the monsters
in her head,
a thin ray
of light
pierced though
the grey.

At first
she didn’t notice,
but unquestionably
it was there.
It warmed her
hands and heart,
and it brightened
up the air.

She took off
her moldy clothes,
and let it clean 
her skin,
she let her tears fall,
and was left
with a clumsy grin.

Many years
passed by,
seasons went
and seasons came.
She rarely stood
in the shadows
but her innocence
she couldn't claim.

She knows
she learned things,
and that everyone
has to grow...

But sometimes
she still longs
for the girl that didn’t

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