Mar 12, 2014

Accompany me daily (in English!) + what I've been up to

This blog has been terrible quiet...

It hasn't been easy to find the time and the motivation to write here while giving the final steps on my PhD. But as I've shared previously I've been writing daily on my blog "Um ano na minha vida" ("One year in my life") since I turned 30. I write short and simple entries, relating what I did and thought that day. And frequently these entries are about my work day and about how I've managed my mood throughout the day. Since the posts are short I just found out I can translate them fairly easily. So now, if you wish, you can accompany me daily, in English.

I plan to return regularly to 'Inspira' when I finish the PhD, which (hopefully) will take just another couple of months. And I continue to be an attentive reader of all my favorite blogs, despite not commenting as much as I used to.

Meanwhile, you can still find me here. Come visit!

Be well! :)


  1. Congrats on your PhD candidacy! That's so fantastic - can't wait to check out your daily blog, too.

    Morgan @ PDB

    1. Thank you Morgan :) Actually, I decided to stop translating my posts after a few days, because the translation was taking too long and I really need to focus now...